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Event Holler - Parties, Social Events, Meetup and Adventures in Woodbridge



Promoter's FAQs

  • How can I promote events as a promoter? Show

    Log in to your account. In the top menu, click “Promote > Promote Events” link. As a promoter you will see a small holler icon with all the events and the commission offered for each event. You can choose to “Holler” any event you like through email, Facebook and other social networks. You can also invite members of your Network and import contacts from your address lists.

  • How can I make people join my Network? Show

    Invite your friends to your Network through Email and Social Media. Once you have a strong following, it will be easy to promote any event. In the top menu, click “Networks > My Network” and you will find the link to promote your Network on that page.

  • How should I name my Network? Show

    First and foremost, your NETWORK’s name should be fun and catchy. It would also be good if the name expresses the common interest of the members. Keep in mind this name will appear on Facebook wall posts and other social networks as well as emails. An appropriate name will have a better response with users who are looking to join a NETWORK.

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User's FAQs

  • What is Event Holler? Show

    Event Holler notifies you about the amazing events happening around you. You can RSVP and buy tickets online and invite your friends to join you.

  • How do I pay for Events? Show

    You can pay through your credit card or PayPal. Some Organizers prefer to accept just credit cards or just PayPal.

  • Are the tickets transferable? Show

    In most cases, the tickets will be transferable. To transfer the tickets, please login to your account and click “My Tickets”. With each ticket you will see a “Transfer Ticket” link.

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Organizer's FAQs

  • How will I receive payment from my guests? Show

    You decide. Event Holler allows you to accept payments through credit card, Paypal or both. You can either use Event Holler’s accounts (and receive payment from Event Holler), or you can use your own merchant or Paypal account. It is important to note that if you wish to use Promoters for your event, you will have to use Event Holler’s accounts.

  • How many currencies do you accept? Show

    If you choose to use Event Holler’s merchant or Paypal account, then USD and CAD are accepted. If you are using your own accounts, up to 15 different currencies are accepted. Each currency will have its own payment report.

  • What is my cost if I go with Event Holler? Show

    Event Holler is the first 100% Free Event Management System. We are free for 100% free events and 100% free for paid events. But you can still incur some cost if you do certain activities on Event Holler.

    If you accept Payments through Event Holler merchant account or PayPal, we will charge you $.80 plus 3.5% of the ticket price as payment processing charges.

    If you choose to promote your event through Promoters, you can decide what percentage of the ticket price you are willing to offer the promoters.

  • Who can become an Organizer? Show

    Anyone! Whether you are an experienced event planner, or are organizing your first event; Owner of a Sports Stadium, or throwing an intimate party, Event Holler can help.

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